Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse Box Set Review

Welcome, travelers, to a review that transcends the very fabric of reality—the unveiling of the “Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse” box set for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition! Whether you’re a seasoned planeswalker familiar with the twisting streets of Sigil from the bygone days of 2E or a newcomer eager to experience the grandeur of the multiverse, this box set promises to whisk you away on an epic journey. So, sit back, clutch your dice, and let’s unfurl the scroll of this legendary D&D collection poised to expand your gaming horizons to infinite proportions!

Unboxing the Multiverse

The arrival of the box set is akin to the discovery of a rare magical artifact. Its packaging whispers promises of untold adventures, urging you to peel away the layers and discover the treasures within. In good condition and on time, the parcel seems to have come from the hands of a careful wizard, ensuring that every piece of content is ready to inspire awe and wonder to all those who dare to peek inside.

  • Sigil and the Outlands (96-pages) – Includes planar character options, details on the fantastic City of Doors, descriptions of the Outlands and the gate-towns that lead to the Outer Planes, and more
  • Turn of Fortune’s Wheel (96-pages) – An adventure set in Sigil and the Outlands designed for characters levels 3–10 with a jump to level 17
  • Morte’s Planar Parade (64-pages) – Presents game statistics and descriptions for inhabitants of the Outer Planes, including planar incarnates, hierarch modrons, and time dragons
  • Poster Map – Double-sided poster map of Sigil and the Outlands, which can serve as both adventure locations and springboards to adventures across the multiverse
  • DM Screen – Sturdy, four-panel Dungeon Master’s screen with art showcasing the Planescape setting

A Portal to Sigil: Setting Book

Oh, Sigil, the beloved City of Doors! Within the 96-page hardcover setting book, the essence of Planescape is reborn. The book offers a trove of information, including planar character options, locales within Sigil, and descriptions of the Outlands and gate-towns that act as the threshold to the Outer Planes. It’s a joy to see legacy characters from Planescape: Torment given homage in these pages, their stories intertwining with the ink of new tales awaiting Dungeon Masters’ narrative craft.

The Adventure Awaits: Turn of Fortune’s Wheel

Fasten your sword belt and prepare your spells, for “Turn of Fortune’s Wheel” is an adventure not for the faint of heart. This 96-page hardcover tome beckons adventurers ranging from levels 3 to 10, spiraling up to level 17, through a narrative rich with intrigue and multiversal machinations. The skeleton of the adventure carries echoes of the Torment PC game, stirring memories and fueling anticipation for the narrative moments that DMs will soon unfurl.

Bestiary: Morte’s Planar Parade

Ingenious creatures abound within the pages of “Morte’s Planar Parade.” This 64-page hardcover bestiary rejuvenates familiar entities from the Outer Planes through reimagined artwork and updated 5E statistics. Creatures like the enigmatic Rilmani receive a fresh coat of paint, ensuring that even the most obscure entities fit seamlessly into the tapestry of the new Planescape setting, all the while maintaining that quintessential feel of otherworldly wonder.

Mapping the Planes: Poster Map & DM Screen

No adventurer worth their salt should dare step through a planar portal without a map, and this set proudly delivers a double-sided poster map of Sigil and the Outlands. Beyond geography, it’s a catalyst for countless adventures through the multiverse. Accompanying it is the four-panel DM screen adorned with mesmerizing artwork that serves not just as a barrier for the DM’s secret machinations, but as a gallery of inspiration depicting the boundless Planescape realm.

Responses From the Players

Planars and mortals alike have shared their insights from across the United States. With reverberating approval, the community recounts the melding of nostalgia and novelty, lauding updates to the setting and marveling at the intricacies of the newer elements. Comparison to antecedent 5E material like Spelljammer shows this iteration in high regard, emphasizing its narrative potential and substantial value—garnering acclaim from novices and veterans of the D&D cosmos alike.

Conclusion: Is the Adventure Worth the Coin?

In total, the “Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse” box set represents a veritable feast of content for both the player and the DM. Filled with rekindled memories and new horizons to explore, it stands as a testament to the enduring allure of D&D roleplaying. Cast against its price, the compilation seems an enticing bargain, beckoning to those who wish to traverse the multiplicity of realities within the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Heading Into the Infinite: Final Thoughts

With every detail explored, from the gears of Sigil to the wonders of the multiverse that lie beyond, the “Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse” box set asserts itself as an essential artifact for those who wish to delve deeper into the stratified planes of existence. For Dungeon Masters and players alike, the journey through these pages is not just about expanding one’s D&D campaign—it’s about opening doors to limitless adventure (like a DnD 5e sneak attack!) So grab your adventuring gear, fellow travelers, and step through the portal—the multiverse awaits!